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  • $70 rental per ISDN 2
  • 7c Local Calls
  • 7c per Min National Calls
  • 18c per Min Calls to Mobiles
  • Yes its on Telstra network
  • Yes you will get your lines fixed just as fast as a Telstra customer
  • Yes you can keep your Telstra numbers
  • Yes our Support is 100% Australian based – No Manila or Mumbai Call Centres
  • Yes we connect the lines for Free

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Choose Your Plan

Access $70/mth
Local 7c
National* 7c
Mobiles* 18c per min
100 New Indial
Range Rental
New ISDN Connection
-No Contract
New ISDN Connection
-24 Mth Contract
*Billed per 15 seconds with no Flag Fall  Minimum spend per Standard ISDN 2 Phone Plans over 24mths is $1680. Listed prices include GST and services are on Telstra network. All timed calls charged in 15 second increments. Free connection requires 24 mth agreement and early termination charges apply. Early termination charge is part months remaining x monthly line rental. Minimum monthly call spends may apply for free connection. Critical Information Summary- TBD