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ISDN 10/20/30

Digital phone lines for businesses with a PABX phone system

  • Scalable phone line solution
  • Proven and robust technology
  • Delivered on Australia's biggest network
  • Direct Indial Range (100 numbers) - allows every staff member to have their own number
  • Digital call quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX's
  • Hunt Groups - finds the first available person
  • Calling Number Display - show either the direct extension number or a main number
  • Extension level billing - know how much each person uses the phone
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Choose Your Plan

Local Number Portability (LNP) - Allows you to move or ‘port’ your indial telephone numbers to us, with no need to change your contact numbers if you are changing carrier.
Direct In-Dial (DID) - Optimise the efficiency of your voice network by allocating number ranges across your ISDN.

Calling Number Display – Outgoing & Incoming - Display your number to called parties so they can identify you and Identify callers by their telephone number.
Call Barring - Control your costs by restricting access to expensive call types. Temporary Call Redirection - Manage the handling of incoming calls during planned outages or short term relocations.
Relocation Diversion - Keep your telephone numbers when you relocate.
Number Only Diversion - Advertise local numbers in locations where you have no offices, and redirect calls to your main offices.
Hunt Groups - Ensure that your incoming calls are distributed efficiently.
Extension Level Billing - Manage your call costs extension by extension.
Directory and Emergency Services Listings - A basic White Pages directory listing for each of your ISDN service numbers, unless you have specified for your service to be a Silent Line. A single ‘main number’ will be listed for each ISDN service.
Malicious Call Tracing - A Malicious Call Trace feature allows you to activate an alarm signal to the exchange during an unwelcome call.
PABX And Modem Interworking - ISDN10/20/30 will interwork with PABXs complying to the TS038 (ETSI) and TS014 (Australian) ISDN DSS1 signalling protocols. ISDN can also be used for modem calls.
Plans & Pricing - Please contact us for a customised pricing plan that suits your calling patterns and business requirements.