What do I do if my line has a fault?

Call us and select the menu option for faults, our dedicated faults team will ask you to perform an isolation test by plugging a handset directly to the line with no other equipment connected. If the line still does not work we will log a fault with the carrier and advise you of the expected repair time frame. If you need your incoming calls diverted in the meantime just let us know and we will take care of it.

An Incorrect Call Out Fee will apply if a technician is dispatched to investigate a reported Service Difficulty, and, after conducting investigations which are reasonably available at the time, the technician determines that there is no Fault found to exist on the Network. An example of this would be if your internal cabling or socket is faulty, where your telephone equipment or computer and/or network equipment is faulty, or your equipment has been configured or programmed incorrectly. Please note, that all internal cabling and socketing is the responsibility of the owner or occupier of the premises and Telstra’s network responsibility ends at the point of entry to the premises. Please also note, that should an onsite fault appointment date and time be advised, and subsequently confirmed by you, and the Telstra technician attends this appointment and cannot gain access to the premises or point of entry of the services when required, the Fault call may be cancelled and an Incorrect Call Out Fee will be applied.

By you, or any agent acting on your behalf, requesting the dispatching of a field technician, either verbally or by written request with any of Oracle Telecom’s representatives, you have deemed to have agreed to the terms and associated fees regarding an Incorrect Call Out event.


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