How do I read my Bill?

A telco bill can be confusing to work out if you don't know what you're looking at. Here is a page by page breakdown of what you can expect to find:

Page 1

Account Details:

Shows your basic account information including account number, invoice number, charges and due dates.

Account Summary:

  • Previous - shows your previous balance
    • Adjustments - shows any credits/debits applied to the account
    • Received - shows payments received in the last month
    • New Charges - show's the current month's total charges
    • Amount due - show's the total outstanding balance
  • Billing History:

    This allows a comparison between the last three months' bills so you can identify any trends or increases/decreases in usage

    Payment Slip:

    This is the remittance advice that needs to be taken to the Post Office (if this is your chosen method of payment) or posted along with a cheque or Money Order.

    Page 2

    Bulletin Board:

    Displays updated product and promotional information.

    How to Pay:Shows all accepted methods of payment and relevant details as well as all necessary codes and reference numbers required to make a successful payment.

    Page 3

    Service summary:

    This shows an overall breakdown of the services that you have billing with us. Each service that you have with Oracle Telecom will be listed here and immediately below the service listing you’ll find an overview of the associated charges.

    Below the service summary you will find a more detailed explanation of the associated charges that are outlined in the service summary overview. Bills can be fully itemised if you require. Just call your Oracle Telecom account manager and they will be able to organise this for you.


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