How do I change my Mobile Broadband APN?


An APN or Access Point Name is an authentication setting that allows your Mobile Broadband device to connect to specific services on the Optus Open Network. This article covers the following APN topics:

Should I change my APN?

If your Mobile Broadband service is working then you do not need to change or set up your APN. If, however, you're unable to connect and receive an error message “619” or “628” your APN will need to be changed.

You may also need to change your APN if you've:

    Changed the SIM card in your device
  • Using a different/new device
  • Changed from a Pre-Paid to Post-Paid Mobile Broadband (or vice-versa)

How to update your APN Profile

For Windows

  1. Open your Optus Mobile Broadband application
  2. Select the Tools Menu (A - image below)
  3. Within the Tools Menu: Click Options

    Image showing location of Tools Menu in PC client

  4. In the 'Options' window: Click 'New' (B - image below)
  5. In the 'Profile Name' field: Enter a name that is easily identifiable as the new APN (C - below)
  6. In the APN field: Enter the APN name exactly as given in the APN List - eg. if you're changing to a Mobile Broadband plan enter CONNECT (D - below)
  7. Click 'Save' (E - below)

    Image showing location of options within PC client

  8. Your newly saved profile/APN will appear in the 'Profile Name' drop-down list. (F - image below)
  9. Click 'Set as Default' or 'Default' (G - below)


  10. The 'Profile Name' drop-down list will indicate that the newly saved profile is now the default (H - image below)
  11. Click 'OK' (I - below)
  12. Your new profile will now appear as the pre-selected (default) APN profile when opening the Mobile Broadband application in the future, however you should not use your new APN profile until your plan has changed (J - image below)
  13. Once your new plan takes affect, remove and re-insert your modem to ensure your new network settings are refreshed.


How to update your APN / Profile

For Mac

  1. Open your Optus Mobile Broadband application
  2. Click 'Settings' (A - image below)
    Image showing location of option in Mac Client
  3. Click 'New'
    Image showing location of options in Mac Client
  4. Enter a recognisable name for the new APN profile (C - image below)
  5. Enter the APN in the corresponding field (D - below) The APN is CONNECT
  6. Enter *99# into the 'Telephone Number' field (E - below)
  7. Select 'CHAP' next to 'Authentication (F - below)
  8. Leave all other fields blank
  9. Click 'Save' then 'OK' (G - below)

    Image showing location of options and fields within Mac Client


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